Wednesday, October 7

OK so this is how we're gonna do this.....

An Ill friend once posted this in my honor.

I was touched.

I'm back (as if anyone cares) to try my hand at this once more.

Of course I've forgotten how, but no matter!

I'm sure it'll come back to me.

The Blogger people, in their infinite yet somehow unfathomable wisdom, will not let me use my own name.

I've been forced to add a cheesey 'z' as in 'pixelmuttz'.

but you can still call me pixelmutt without the 'z'.

So let me begin by posting a video I uploaded some time ago to youtube.

It has more than " 1,900,000 views " !!

Pretty impressive, don't you agree?

This is going to be painful.

1 comment:

Ill Folks said...

Broadcasting on YouTube! (WPIX?) The drummer's movin' so fast I can hardly keep up with his hand movements.

Tricks and treats...Halloween comes around AND wonderfully weird!