Thursday, October 15

Change Already

Strange Man, Changed Man - Bram Tchaikovsky
Things Have Changed - Bob Dylan
Change Partners - Frank Sinatra
Sing The Changes - Fireman
There'll Be Some Changes Made - Chet Atkins w/Mark Knopfler
How You've Changed - Chuck Berry
Change - Bob Darin
My Love Will Not Change - Del McCoury
People Change - Nick Lowe
I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan - Bobby Darin
Signs That Will Never Change - The Hollies
If I Can't Change Your Mind - Bob Mould
Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind - Lindsey Buckingham
Changing All Those Changes - Buddy Holly
The Wind Changes - Johnny Cash & June Carter
Sex Change - Dweller

You should buy this music and much more by these modifying artists!

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