Saturday, November 21

I'm Speechless

Wrong - Lindsey Buckingham
Everybody's Stupid - Sparks
Fools On Parade - Jayhawks
Let The Idiot Speak - Old 97's
Asshole - Tom Petty
I Believe She's Lying - Rhett Miller
Wrong Again (Let's Face It) - Rockpile
Just a Fool - Eddie Boyd
Something Stupid - Frank & Nancy Sinatra
Evil Ways - Al DeLory
The Fool - Johnny Burnette Trio
Stupidly Happy - XTC
Everybody Else Is Wrong - Utopia
Liar - Buddy Love
Stupid Boy - Ice Cream Hands
Fool Too Long - Rockpile
Stupid - Rod Stewart

You should buy this music and much more by these politically correct artists!


Anonymous said...


Tommy said...


Anonymous said...

NOT lame! Truth.
Glad you have the guts to speak it!
Thank you!

Michael Reynolds said...

"It’s not about issues with people like Palin and Beck and Hannity and DeMint and the tea partiers. It’s never been about issues. They are enraged and hysterical because they are afraid and fear breeds rage.

Fear of what, exactly? Fear of a public option health plan? Please. It’s ludicrous on its face.

Fear of taxes? I’m willing to bet the average tea partier doesn’t pay 5% of his income in federal income taxes and won’t be paying any more any time soon.

Fear of 34,000 troops to Afghanistan instead of 40,000? What?

Fear of a poorly-executed bow?

Fear of what exactly?

Fear of a Harvard-educated black man in the highest office in the land. That’s what. Fear of the change that he embodies and symbolizes. Fear that the southern white male is at last losing his privileged position and more importantly his inflated sense of his own special importance.

This is tribal, it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with issues. This is the same population that 150 years ago sent their fathers and sons to die for rich slave owners. The same people who wave Confederate flags today. It’s partly just raw racism, but it has morphed into a broader sense of victimization. The forever aggrieved southern and rural white male.

Look at the people they admit to despising: urban, educated, secular. As you have rightly observed, they have now a will-to-stupidity, a deliberate embrace of ignorance, a wild rejection of even those ideas and individuals who might advance their agenda.

These are the losers of a long-running socio-economic and ethnic revolution. They are enraged because they sense — quite accurately — that there is no place of privilege for them in the modern world.

In this they are psychologically identical to the Taliban: defensive primitives clinging to the old and the dead for fear of the new. They want to retreat to the small farms and the sleepy southern villages with their resentments, their simplistic religion and their guns. They are political nihilists because they actually get it, they know, they are right that their core identity is being lost. They are right, and that’s why they don’t listen to people like you.

Brother John said...

a will-to-stupidity?

I would love to refute Michael Reynolds’ arguments, if only because he’s reduced many complex issues to such an inane simplicity.

Fear – hate – willful ignorance.

But he’s right.

Remember the Know-Nothings? Of course not, no one alive does.

Obstinance – stagnation - irrelevance

No one alive, mentally, doubts the fear President Obama creates, if based solely on the melanin content of his skin. The terrifying reality his coloring symbolizes – the destruction of that nebulous “old boy” network in favor of advancement based on personal merit and brilliance – mortifies the lesser gifted Palin-Joe the Plumber-Hannity types. Their “cultural supremacy” is at risk, simply put, if some uppity nigger with a lot more on the ball than them can become President.

Bill Clinton inspired the same kind of fear because his brilliance overcame his humble beginnings and he was unafraid to defend the interests of the working class he was a product of. The fact is: Joe the Plumber is exactly who these men represent and try to advance, Joe’s just too dumb to realize it. Joe truly thinks he’s one of the “old boys” Republicans are trying to protect. Unfortunately that’s not willful ignorance it’s just a lack of awareness of where his true interests lie, because IN HIS CONCEIT he doesn’t want to be lumped in with “minorities” and that lesser ilk.

The Know-Nothing Tea Partiers will always be with us because change, even change that would benefit them directly, frightens people, especially those who THINK they’re on top. We just have to hope our country can mature itself out of voting for the Reagans and Dubyas that are leading us straight into the Third World.

licorice pizza said...

Well Pixelmutt! Now who is the crashing bore?

Seems as though when it is liberal mocking conservative values it is aok. When it comes your way it never cuts too well with you folks.

Thanks for validating my earlier commentary at my site about the hypocrisy of the progressive movement.

I know hold you as chief among the hypocrites.

Best of luck with your re-opening.

Tommy said...

Hello LP, my subtle, non-ironic friend.

Your commentary pales in comparison to Brother Johns & Michael Reynolds.

They have made real arguments.

It's too bad your's followed their's.

It's like having the Beatles open for you.

I'd love to hear a defense of the nitwit bigot Sean Hannity (the indefensible), or dare i say ... Glenn Beck (!).

Are these the spokesmen for 'Conservative values'?, now you're being ironic!


Chief Hypocrite Tommy

(sorry about the crashing bore stuff, I was out of line)

Tommy said...

Nice link Brother J.

Craig T. Nelson may be more stupid than Joe the unlicensed Plumber.

We have the best commenters in the world, right here on our blog, don't we ladies and gentlemen?

licorice pizza said...

Tommy, What is ironic is that the folks that preach tolerance to ideas have none for ideas other than the ones they subscribe to.

I read Michael & Brother John and allow them their position. I don't agree with it. But they are intitled to it.

My issue is with the one way tolerance street of the left. I looked for a photo of both Bush and Obama on the net. The difference of photos available would make my point perfectly.

I was vilified by the tolerant among us in blogdom for having an opinion or point of view that differs from theirs. Name calling and stereotyping was the order of the day. Downright ugly commentary and disgusting verbiage was directed at me only because my ideology differed from theirs. All from visitors up until that day took the music I provided free music they took in massive doses and without any problem. Once it was discovered that my political position did not agree with theirs all hell broke loose. What a sad commentary for them and their cause. Maybe you missed it but it was ugly.

While I put up nothing that compares with the crude carictures and photos you have displayed in this post I was met with a rash of criticism that still confounds me to this day. While your post is met with approval and adulation.

This leads me to believe that the music blogosphere is mainly the realm of progessives, leftists and those of non tolerance to ideas other than the ones the subscribe to.

Fear of the color of the mans skin is only an issue with those who bring it up. And it always is the left that injects race into the conversation. Differing Ideology is at the core of most dispute and that is too simple for most people to grapple with. So they come with all sorts of reasons why one may not believe as they do.

Again, my best to you and your

Anonymous said...

Your ... what?

Liberal salon?

Progressive coterie?

Leftist cabal?

Socialist insurgence?

Red terror?

Tommy said...

Honestly LP, I've never thought of myself as being in the "realm of progessives, leftists and those of non tolerance to ideas other than the ones the subscribe to."

It did however occur to me that Beck, Hannity, Coulter and others of their ilk, no matter what point they fall on the political spectrum, are beyond intolerant.

They've crept into the range of batshit crazy.

How do you think W. F. Buckley would fare with these yaboos?

I know how, he'd be labeled 'elitist' (intelligent) and a RINO (impure).

He'd be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

Such is the fate of the non-dittohead.

I'd be interested to know how you or anyone for that matter think Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Olberman (wink), Coulter or yes even Saint Sarah contribute to the conversation.

You call them crude caricatures, I call them dangerous, especially Beck & Hannity,.

Crude doesn't begin to express my antipathy towards them.

It's defiant anti-intellectuaism, you know, Fascism.

People have wised up to a degree, skin color will (almost) never be brought up directly.

Talk of 'the real America' or ' I want my country back' or bullshit about foreign birth or hitlerism or 'he's muslim' don't fool me or other thinking people for a second.

OK, so let's get this straight:

I didn't mock anyones values.

I did mock several individuals who I believe are more than deserving of such mockage.

The End

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Brother John said...

“I read Michael & Brother John and allow them their position. I don't agree with it. But they are entitled to it.”

Thanks, Bro.

“My issue is with the one way tolerance street of the left.”

Whoa, Cowboy!

It’s not just the “left” that chokes on the spew of Hannity, Coulter, O’Rielly, Limbaugh, Palin, et al. it’s non-idjits of all stripes.

Mutt sites Buckley. I’ll name Will, Novak, even Buchanan as “rightists” who stand apart from the caricatures with microphones that speak for conservatives.

As for Beck, the term “batshit” was invented for him.

If you identify yourself with guano you’re gonna get splashed.

Li’Pizza should suspect a vast left wing conspiracy.

licorice pizza said...

@anon, I published before completing my sentence. The closing would have been identical to the first comment. "My best to you and your re-opened blog." Thanks for your understanding and not jumping to conclusions regarding my thoughts and intentions.

@Brother John - No where did I state that I identified with any of the people you mentioned. As usual that was placed on me unfairly and without reason.

@Tommy, Obviously there is either unwillingness or inability to comprehend, what I thought to have clearly stated, in the two comments above. My comments have been wholly misinterpreted by you and your fine visitors. I see no reason to pursue any type of continued conversation with you or your guests due to anyone being capable of understanding my point.

My best again.


licorice pizza said...

Oh and to further clarify. The only places that were being discussed where Licorice Pizza and Pixelmutt.

Changing the topic of conversation is a common ploy of most debaters to avoid talking to the issue at hand. Which to this point has not been done.

Thanks again. LP

Lunger said...

Been watching this thread and I would have to say that LP's position as originally stated has been exemplified by the treatment he has received here. In addition to what was done to him at his own site, what is going on here is proof of his original hypothesis.

Tommy said...

You tell 'em Lunger.

Is that a soft or hard 'G'?

Brother John said...

That's what she said.

Lunger said...

Ha Ha, Ho Ho, Hee Hee. Stop it your killing me. I didn't know the comedy team of Dean and Jerry had gotten back together.

Obviously you are using comedy to segue the topic away from your apparent inability to comprehend written communication, which, by the way is not your fault. Blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the progressives, which you have aligned with. They have been running academia for the last 50 years.

But I regress, back to your original comedy routine. No not hard or soft g. Big C as in cancer of the lung and terminal I am sad to say. I won't be around to follow the comedy stylings of Tommy and Brother John.

I turned toward blogging as a means of escape. There is the good and the bad and I try not to take any too serious in light of my situation.

But hey, enough about me, why don't you tell us all another joke or two.

Anonymous said...

Hark! I hear violins!

Or is it harps? said...

Mutt, I can't BELIEVE you missed this one!

Brother John said...

Wow! What's eating Lunger? Dude sticks his nose in and pulls out a tumor. I gotta a bad back but you don’t hear me crying about it!

That’s right, Bubble Boy, you overstepped. You’ve got the Big C like I’ve got the Big D. This is the voice of hypocritical Leftist empathy telling you to step off the planet before my premiums go up.

Any way you slice it, you've got a karma correction coming your way. Oh, wait, I didn't say "slice it" did I?

Sorry, Pixelmutt, I just had to get that out. Oh … I’m just gonna stop.

Anonymous said...

This blog is not a very pleasant to be.

Tommy said...

You're telling me!

Brother John said...

Mr. Mutt?

May I suggest a medley of "apology songs"? Or is it too late?

Tommy said...

Apology?, Why you I oughta...

How about a 'Stick it up your...

ahhh fiddlesticks

Brother John said...

Yeah, "you 'aughta" but you 'ainta!

Again, I apologize ...


The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Here is a great, and sadly typical, display of leftist ignorance.
While always claiming to be on the side of enlightenment and against the politics of fear they can trash someone dying from cancer simply because of their beliefs.

Last visit to this horrible place.

NumbNutz said...

No one knew this guy had cancer (if he does).

He used it, like a bludgeon.

Leftist ignorance my ass.

Shitty arguments more like it.

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